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Lemon and Camomile Shortbread

12915184_10156661255100176_337422782_oI cannot take credit for this recipe, this recipe is Aimee’s from Wallflower Girl. If you haven’t looked at her blog before I would strongly recommend it, the photography is beautiful, the layout is flawless and the recipes all sound amazing, ranging from cakes to sides and smoothies.

I hadn’t attempted vegan shortbread before this recipe, mainly because traditional shortbread is so reliant on butter for its taste and texture. But this turned out prefect. I am not a massive fan of floral flavours in baking but the camomile worked really well in this recipe it compliments the lemon to create a light and fresh flavour. These cookies are perfect for Easter, especially if you cut out into an Easter shape. You can ice this shortbread and it would make an excellent gift for friends and family.


The recipe is here 🙂



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