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Somewhere Else Coffee House & Bakery Sheffield Review

I found out about Somewhere Else through Facebook when it was advertising its vegan weekend specials. Firstly that the person responsible knew it was world vegan week and secondly that they had openly publicised it was very impressive, so I made up my mind that they were due a visit that Sunday morning for breakfast. As you have probably guessed I hadn’t been before and after walking ‘the scenic route’ due to my incredible lack of direction we got there about lunch time. We were greeted by some friendly dogs, which was a positive for us but perhaps not for others, and the delicious whiff of fresh coffee. I don’t know what the vegan options are like normally (but from their Facebook page it looks as though they always have some vegan options) but there were 3 vegan cakes to  choose from as 2 special, there was also a vast array of vegan milkshake options. After eyeing up the peanut butter milkshake I decided upon a berry smoothie and balanced that healthy decision with a healthy slice of chai spiced chocolate cake, my partner went for a strawberry milkshake and hummus and roasted veg on toast. The cafe had a relaxed atmosphere and the staff were calm and friendly even though it was busy at the time, as I mentioned before the cafe welcomes dogs. My chocolate cake was moist and rich and the spices added a nice warmth to the cake which made it slightly more interesting than a plain chocolate cake, the smoothie was fresh and good value for money at £1.75, Sarah’s milkshake was creamy and fruity and she received a large portion of hummus on toast which I has to help her finish- I was not complaining! Overall I think this is a great place to go for a relaxed weekend morning coffee and would definitely go back, there is also a little shop bit selling locally made stuff.


unfortunately didn’t get a picture of the milkshake but here’s everything else, including me patiently waiting to eat my cake…

somewhere else

somewhere else2

somwehere else 3



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