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The Porter Pizza Company

On a grey afternoon after I had been at work from 5:30am I wanted pizza, not just pizza sans cheese, proper cheesy pizza. I flicked through my brain for the answer, Interval? too far away, The sunshine pizza co? Not a shop, so I decided to google vegan pizza Sheffield, I was expecting to see the usual answers- pizza express, craft and dough- and then this popped up- The Porter Pizza Company. It was close (Sharrow Vale Rd), it was open, and had vegan cheese! I was surprised that this pizza shop hadn’t been mentioned on vegan posts, or unless I just hadn’t seen it. We were greeted by a bright smile and a small shop decked out with washed out wood, bright blue walls, bunting and a large wood fire oven. Looking at the menu it was clear to see they had put just as much thought into the vegetarian pizzas as the meat ones, which is very rare from my experience. Options included roasted squash and pine nuts and caramelised onion and hazelnut. We went for the forager and sweet billy. They provide vegan cheeze (I’m not sure what type it was, but it was very nice!), but it is 50p extra which does make this quite an expensive pizza, it cost is £20 for 2 pizzas and 2 drinks, however the quality of it was one of the best I’ve had, vegan or not. They do also do a lunch offer for 9″ pizza for £4, but my eyes were bigger than my belly at this point.  The forager was savoury and packed full of mushrooms the variety of mushrooms provided a nice variety of  textures, once we had finished the owner of the shop asked our opinion on the pizza as they had just changed it, there was also a recipe suggestion box and they change their specials often which looks like it is often a vegetarian option. The sweet billy was topped with soft, sweet, marinated and roasted butternut squash and a generous sprinkling of pine nuts which roasted and slightly charred in the oven giving a great nuttiness to the pizza. I have to warn you though, if you go just as school is finishing- as we did- there will be a manic half an hour of school kids and parents coming to get there £1 pizza slices.

Picture by The Porter Pizza Company







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