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Vegan Places Sheffield

I have done a few reviews of local vegan food in Sheffield, so I thought I would put together a list of places I go to the most. This should hopefully prepare you for a variety of eating occasions and also covers restaurants that non-vegans will also enjoy. Hope you find this useful.

Burger Lolz 

If you are looking for ultimate vegan junk food this is the place to go. It has only just opened so is still fresh on the scene, serving a vast array of burgers and hot dogs as well as the fast becoming famous ‘freak’shakes. Expect sietan burgers piled high with mac and cheese, Beetroot burgers with vegan donner meat, tofu hot dogs with chilli and fried loaded with BBQ jackfruit. Fat Gay Vegan has reviewed it below.

New vegan burger bar in Sheffield


The Incredible Nutshell

A vegan shop for everything you could possibly want. selling fresh and frozen vegan meat substitutes, loads of vegan cheese, chocolate (i would recommend ichoc white nougat chocolate), whipped cream and even condensed coconut milk for all your confectionery making needs. It is also very close to Lembas which is a vegetarian wholesale store, but anyone can go as long as you buy some bulk items.

Make No Bones

This month is a very exciting month because make no bones are opening up their restaurant! if you are not familiar  with them already they do the vegan pizza at The Cremorne on London road (which I eat more than I care to admit) as well as various pop up events. They are very good. If you can, get yourself down to Chesterfield Road next saturday (20th August) to try some of their excellent offerings.

Saigon 68 & Wild Rice

I am putting these together as they are similar. Saigon 68 is a Vietnamese restaurant that also does takeaway and Wild Rice is a chinese takeaway. There has been some mixed reviews about Saigon 68 however I have never had an issue. Their massive menu has basically every dish veganised, including vegetarian duck and pancakes and a tofu and vegetable noodle soup which I challenge you to finish! The portions are huge so make sure to take your leftovers home to enjoy cold in front of trashy Saturday night TV.

Wild rice has a very similar menu to Saigon 68, they have a good value set meal so 2 which will easily feed more. My personal choice is sweet chilli tofu.

The Fat Cat

The fat cat is the sort of place you go when it is cold and you are hungover. It serves vegan pie and crumble(with custard or crumble) and very reasonable prices.


This is only a small selection of places to eat and there are plenty more to explore but hopefully this is a good starting point for your vegan Sheffield adventure!



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